Clinical Services

Our aim is to recognize the early signs of psychosis as soon as possible, and to give you the best possible advice and treatment.

By early detection we want to prevent the negative consequences of psychosis such as:

  • Chronification of the disease
  • Loss of employment or trainee position
  • Difficulties in relationships with relatives, loss of fellows
  • Depression, withdrawal, suicide

We offer the following clinical services:

  • Individual outpatient consultation
  • Thorough medical, psychiatric and psychological assessment
  • Individual assessment of your risk of developing psychosis
  • Exclusion of other brain diseases for example with MRI
  • Exact assessement of concentration and memory (neuropsychological assessement)
  • If indicated and if you wish, we initiate comprehensive treatment in consultation with you and your doctor
  • Long term support by our experts
  • At your request we also offer counselling for your family and assistance from social workers
  • Total confidentiality

Additionally we support the students of the University of Basel with financial difficulties which can arise in the event of illness during their studies and try to find solution strategies together. If required students of the University of Basel can submit a request for financial support with the Illness and Accident Fund Comitee of the University of Basel. You can find more information here.



In case you suffer from the described symptoms we can examine you and try to clarify which illness you might have. Only this way the best possible therapy for you can be found.

According to the current state of knowledge it is advised to use various approaches in diagnosing or excluding psychosis. During our evaluation we can use all instrument based and not instrument based examination procedures of the UPK (Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken) and of the University Hospital Basel.

With specific tests it is possible to discover salience, which can be overlooked in everyday life, but still be of diagnostic and therapeutic importance. Therefore we use the examination procedures:

  • Extensive clinical psychiatric diagnostics with interviews and questionnaires
  • Precise evaluation of the ability to focus and pay attention and of memory performance
  • Exclusion of neurological diseases with electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Counselling and therapy

Stress often triggers or amplifies a psychotic episode. Improving one's ability to cope with problems of everyday life and stressful situations can hence foster health and increase quality of life.

Personal contact is very important to us, this way you and our experts can adress your concerns and find solutions together.

Among others we offer the following therapies:

  • Ambulatory individual therapy
  • Ambulatory group therapy
  • Ambulatory training programmes (cognitive training and education programmes)
  • Stort-term in-patient crisis intervention
  • Medication

The goals of these treatments are:

  • Better coping with stress and mental burdens
  • Processing of individual problems at the workplace or in relationships
  • Crisis management
  • Capacity building
  • Coping with the disease

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What is a Psychosis?


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