With our interactive self-screening you can check if you exhibit early symptoms and therefore have an increased risk of developing a psychiatric illness.

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If you recognise more than 6 symptoms in the self-screening questionnaire, you might be asking yourself questions which give rise to uncomfortable emotions and thoughts. For example: "Am I going crazy?" or "Is my mental health in danger?". But even if your risk for a future psychiatric illness is elevated, you are not at the mercy of these risk factors. The earlier a psychosis is detected, the better are the possibilities for treatment to prevent the usually less favorable course of the disease. Today the goal is to discover the emergence of a psychosis as early as possible, and start treatment in the early stages.

You can contact us anytime during consultation-hours or by phone or email. You can also approach us if you are concerned about a person close to you who might exibit signs of a psychosis. We can advise you about possible lines of actions in this case.

You can reach us at this address.

What is a Psychosis?


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