The following instruments have been delevoped by the FePsy-Project:

Risk check list for doctors → download

The risk check list can be used as guidance for example to decide in the family practice if referral to our clinical services is indicated.

Self-screening prodrome → download

An instrument for self-assessement to roughly identify individuals who have a higher risk of developing psychosis and to identify patients who have already developed a psychosis.

Basel Screening Instrument for Psychoses (BSIP) → download

The BSIP is a short screening instrument for the early detection of beginning psychoses respectively a state of risk, which is applicable in the clinic, practical and possible to conduct in a timely manner. It was created to identify individuals which should be thoroughly assessed in a next step.
The BSIP is a check list with instructions for a half-structured clinical interview by a psychiatrist. The interview approximately takes 45 to 60 minutes.