Clinical services

Within the psychiatric university policlinic we established special consultation-hours for the early detection of psychoses. These serve as a center for advice and evaluation for patients who are suspected to show early signs of psychosis. Early diagnosis and treatement can improve the course of the disease greatly.

Alongside an in-depth psychiatric evaluation and neuropsychological testing we offer various forms of therapy. If requested supplementary treatment in collaboration with the referer or referral to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in privat practice, to the crisis intervention ward or to inpatient treatment in the UPK is possible.

For clinical guidance, for example to decide in the family practice if referral to our clinical services is indicated we recommend our risk check list, our tool for self-assessement and the PQ-16, which you are welcomed to use.

Other services include advise in how to set up a early detectino center and courses on how to use instruments and procedures for colleagues.


For referers

In the case of suspected prodromal stage or a disorder on the schizophrenic spectrum respectively beginning psychosis, patients can be referred to our clinical services by physicians, psychotherapists, psychosocial services or laypeople. Additionally we offer the possibility of a "second opinion".

In case of emergency people concerned can report directly at the acute clinic of the psychiatric center at the Kornhausgasse 7 or at the central receiver of the UPK Basel.

For refers please use this form or contact us directly. You can find our contact information here.

What is a Psychosis?


Early intervention and psychosis clinic
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